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Ok, Now you are in my photo page.

Oye!. You may be expecting my face!

Sorry sir, we will share it personally.

Enjoy the Nature

Cochin Bolgotty palace, my romatic days were linked with this little island

No, No, its not a real one, this is the one build in Veli, 4 kilometers from my home

Woh!, Where else you see this other than in Kerala ^^^^

Lets go west, any clue where is this, any way I don't know !!!

This is what I call miscellanious section. Who ever know about these pictures please contact me #####

Mis 2

Mis 3. Alama!(its malay for Oh My God) I have to stop it here
Not me!. You can find this friend in Munnar Don't worry it's a baby (again not me), you can find it anywhere in kerala
Yoga ? , that's what I want to do before my boss sometimes Not my wedding photo, this is famous KATHAKALI. Even I found a painting on the MRT station wall in Singapore!
YES that is what you do when you see a politition in kerala, ok seriously that is what is called THULLAL oh Lah!( It's singapore style) . Now Festival Time
ONAM ! , So sad, I miss that for a long time Yes, that was a time when we did it , ATTAPOO, an art with flowers
Ayyappa sami's day, MAKARAVILAKKU, around 2,00,00,000 devotees gathers usually
Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary – Green adventure! Kovalam, Fun Lovers paradise, Mine too..
Kovalam - She loves it, Right! If you love music and dance, you will love what these beauties are doing - OPPANA Shaking a leg for the bride!
Boat House, Not the Kashmir one, this is Kerala style